WoD Beta: Level 3 Garrison Profession Buildings, New Loading Screens, Mounts, 6.0.2 PTR Soon

Warlords Loading Screens

While not added in the most recent build, more users have been messaging us about new loading screens and finding the artwork cool, so we figured we'd post them for everyone! Click to enlarge.

New Warlords Mounts

Wowhead users have been very busy farming up mounts in the Warlords beta, here are some of the cool ones they've recently uploaded!

From uselessx, Grand grisebroche from Gorok le Fendeur, Foule-prairie tacheté from Luk'hok:

From Biolansanity, Etalon sabot-de-sang from Nakk le Foudroyeur:

From Voxxel, Tranchedos domestiqué from Société de Conservation de Gentepression:

From Jerman, Loup-de-givre rapide from Orcs loups-de-givre:

From jorgeads, Tapis rampant from Tailoring:

Level 3 Garrison Profession Buildings

For our complete set of Garrison resources and guides; from basics to buildings, followers to missions, and much more, check out our Garrison Hub!

Level 3 Garrison Profession blueprints can be unlocked when Encore du travail ! is completed. We've completed a ton of work orders on the beta for our profession guides, so we already had all the blueprints unlocked.

With the recent announcement that Level 3 Garrison blueprints are account-wide, we were able to preview the Level 3 buildings on multiple characters on different factions.

The Level 3 Profession buildings currently offer an increased amount of daily work orders and players without that profession can access an NPC that will craft higher-level recipes for them.

Also keep in mind that many buildings have cool perks at Level 2 if you assign the right follower to them--it's covered in our Guide to Small Garrison Buildings.

Laboratoire d’alchimie Niveau 3:

Pôle d’ingénierie Niveau 3:

Boutique de gemmes Niveau 3:

Cabinet d’enchanteur Niveau 3:

Tannerie Niveau 3:

Étude de scribe Niveau 3:

Atelier de couture Niveau 3:
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