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Rise of the Silithid

Cette quête est marquée comme obsolète par Blizzard et ne peut être obtenue ou accomplie.
Take the report to Zilzibin Drumlore in Orgrimmar.
Rapport d'analyse d'insecte (Fourni)


Here's your report. I urge you to take it to someone who might have working knowledge in this kind of thing.

I know this troll scholar named Zilzibin Drumlore. He's spent a lot of time studying life forms that are unique to the ecology of Azeroth; he's a historian to boot! If you want someone to help figure out what exactly this threat is and how to stop it, give this report to him. We're going to need all the help we can get.

Zil lives in a house on the second tier of the Drag in Orgrimmar.




Lors de l'achèvement de cette quête vous gagnerez :
  • 350 points de réputation avec Gadgetzan
  • 350 points de réputation avec Horde

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